The Bentley High School class of 1963 reunion weekend, held September 13 and 14, 2013
Most of the photos were taken by Linda Bailey.  Additional photos will be added as they are received.
Bentley High School class of 1963
Front row-Jeff Bailey, Betty Alberts, Sharon Hoag, Elizabeth Bacon, Barb McKenna, Laveda O'Guinn, Kenda Barrett, Margie Dalton  Back row- Bob Fuller, Jim Hounam, Dave Bailey, Barry George, Don Martin, Barb Duby, Jerry Cook, Mary Hart, Mary Anne McDougal, Dianna Vilimek, Charlene Brown, Jerry Sanburn, Jeannie Shields, Brenda Shustock, Bobbie Jean Markanovich, Bill Evans, Nancy Guelette, Bob Maygar, John Mansfield, Hugh Maygar, Vernon McCabe and Darwin Ives
The new Bentley sign
The following photos are thumbnails.  Click on the picture for a larger format.
Bulldog Stadium
Many a Friday night game
Bill Evans and Doug Monty
Vernon McCabe and Sharon Mudge McCabe
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Barb Duby Cook and Jerry Cook
Bob and Hugh Maygar
Bobbie Jean Markanovich, Jeannie Shields Winter and Laveda O'Guinn Evans
Bobbie Jean, Barb Mckenna and Mary Hart
Bobbie Jean, Bob Maygar and Dianna Villimek Sanburn
Brenda Shustock Monty, Mary Anne McDougal and Huey
Dan McPhail..BHS Class of '65, our DJ
Dave Bailey and Kenda Barrett Smith
Dave Bailey, Don Martin, Nancy Guelette, Deborah Martin
Dave Bailey, Sharon Hoag Schmidt and Margie Dalton Boettger
Dave Honomichl and Barb McKenna
Dave Honomichl and Dave Bailey
Dianna Villimek Sanburn and Jerry Sanburn
Don and Deborah Martin
Hats off for the Maygars
Jeannie, Hugh and Mary
Joanne and Barry George
Joanne and Jeff Bailey
John Mansfield, Barb Mckenna and Dave Bailey
Laveda O'Guinn Evans and Bill Evans
Linda LaFaver Bailey and Dave Bailey
Mary Anne McDougal and Huey McMahan
Mary Hart Houghton, Jeff Bailey and Jeannie Shields Winter
Nancy Guelette MacKenzie and Bob Fuller
Sharon Hoag Schmidt and Laveda O'Guinn Evans
Vern McCabe and Sharon Mudge McCabe
Sharon, Vern, Bob, Jeff and Nancy
Ready to tee off...Dave, Hugh, Bob and Jerry
The 13 year club - K thru 12
Members L to R Jeff Bailey, Betty Alberts, Jerry Sanburn, Sharon Hoag, John Mansfield, Jim Hounam, Jerry Cook, Betty Bacon, Hugh Maygar, Bob Maygar, Laveda O'Guinn, Mary Anne McDougal, Nancy Guelette, Barry George, Bob Fuller and Darwin Ives
Burton Fire Sta. 2  Some remember 6th grade
Nancy welcoming alumni and guests
Betty Bacon and John Mansfield
Betty and Nancy
bob Fuller and Charlene Brown
Bobbie and Jim Hounam
Dave and Linda Bailey
Dianna and Jerry
Betty Bacon Smith and Barb Duby Cook
Great friends, Darwin Ives, Hugh Maygar, Bob Maygar and Dave Bailey
Joanne and Jeff Bailey
Just like High School, no guys on the dance floor
Kenda and Jeff with crutches and canes
Laveda and Bill Evans
Margie and Carl tripping the lights
Mary and Jeff
Mary Hart Houghton and John Mansfield
Sharon Hoag Schmidt and John Schmidt
Sharon and Betty Alberts
Queen Barb and Bobbie Jean
Reunion cake...mmmmmm!!
Sunday morning farewell breakfast
The Bay Valley Resort 
Bay City Michigan